Selfish Beauty 

When it comes to Beauty, it's okay to be Selfish!


Aging is inevitable. One can only wish to age gracefully. But how can one slow down the aging process? 

The aging process can be slowed down and even reverted by receiving professional treatments and applying correct products. Is that all? Yes that is all. Booking regular professional treatments can revert your premature aging; however, applying daily sun care products is not an optional is mandatory. When you receive professional treatments your body's ability to protect itself from environmental damage is diminished. Professional treatments usually accelerate the cellular turnover, forcing your body to get rid of the dead skin cells faster. By doing that we need to feed the skin what it needs to help produce newer, and healthier skin. Medical grade products can only be purchased at medical clinics because they work on the live layer of the skin: The Dermis. Over the counter products, sold on department stores and pharmacies are not strong enough to penetrate the live layer, they can only penetrate the dead layer of the skin: The Epidermis, known as dead layer because is mostly composed of dead skin cells. 

Bellow are the list of professional services available at Selfish Beauty to help revert and prevent prematurely signs of aging.

Anti Aging Chemical Peel

Slimming and Firming Facial

Detox Lyphobiology Facial